Cours avalanches Valais - Les Bases - Cours collectif

Cours avalanches Valais - Les Bases - Cours collectif
Le Cours avalanches Valais - Les bases - Snow Safety est une initiation d’une journée.

Il s'adresse aux adeptes de sport de neige et pratiquants de hors piste occasionnel en quête de plus de sécurité.

Ses objectifs sont de vous faire découvrir les bases de la prévention des risques liés à la pratique du hors-piste.

Why shall I follow this Avalanche Instruction Valais Course


You are a snow sports enthusiast and an occasional backcountry practitioner. So you have to know what skills are needed to stay safe in the mountains. Become familiar with basic avalanche risk management with the Avalanche course Valais ¦ Basics ¦ Snow Safety


Valais Avalanche Course – The spot :


Central Valais is our favourite playground. Hérens Valley, one of the swiss backcountry paradise is our basecamp. However, we will be glad to move according to your wishes or conditions of the day.




Become aware of the complexity of knowledge to acquire to evolve in safety.
Stimulate your desire to learn more.
Privilege the practice, without neglecting the theory
Being able to follow a risk estimation process
Therefore, the course structure is based on a typical day in the mountains. From the first contact with the group to the debrief at the end of the day, you will easily be able to follow every step of the scenario as it unfolds.


Mornig’s program


A combination of theory and practical workshops devoted to risk assessment, identification of favorable terrain and introduction to communication rules.


Afternoon’s program


Snow profiles and tests.
Basics for using transceiver, probe and shovel and search for avalanche burial victims.




– skis and skins
– ski clothes and ski boots
– poles
– Transceiver, probe and shovel
– small backpack
– sunglasses, googles, cap, gloves
– suncream
– drink & food
(gear can be rent from our partner Sport Evasion)


The 80/20 method


La méthode 80/20 (Pareto principle)states, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. We apply this principle in our ski coaching by focusing only on the essential notions.

Heure & Date: 01-01-1970 & 01-01-1970
Lieu: val d’Hérens – Valais
Prix: CHF 99.00