Backcountry | Ski touring instruction for beginners

Ski touring is a complete activity that has everything to please skiing enthusiasts. It combines a return to nature, physical activity, conviviality.

Last but not the least, we enjoy magnificent ski runs in the mountains as goal of our ascents.

Our Backcountry ¦ Ski touring instruction for beginners is designed for beginners and allows you to access this new universe.

Why shoud I follow a Backcountry ¦ Ski touring instruction for beginners


Probably, you are a good skier on the piste, but are destabilized when you ski in unprepared snow … You dream to escape the crowds and ski off-piste, this course is for you. Thanks to individual coaching, enjoy safe and funny skiing. Backcountry skiing (skinning) is the perfect alternative for skiers who want to discover another face of the ski, far from the ski lifts and crowds.

Indeed, starting in Backcountry ¦ Ski touring (skinning) is not easy. First of all it is important to know what equipment to buy or rent. Our advices will allow you to see a little more clearly. Then where to go? You have no knowledge, or very little. In this case, try our Backcountry ¦ Ski touring instruction for beginners (skinning).

The instruction focuses on technical skills with skins and tricks that will help you in saving your energy for more fun. We will train and improve your technical downhill and uphill skills. The basics of how to behave to maximize your safety will also be addressed. This day is thought to make backcountry skiing accessible to all and make the off-piste skiing an unforgettable experience.

Ski touring instruction for beginners – the spot :


Central Valais is our favourite playground. Hérens Valley, one of the swiss backcountry paradise is our basecamp. However, we will be glad to move according to your wishes or conditions of the day.



– skis and skins
– ski clothes and ski boots
– poles
– Transceiver, probe and shovel
– small backpack
– sunglasses, googles, cap, gloves
– suncream
– drink & food
(gear can be rent from our partner Sport Evasion)

The 80/20 method

The 80/20 method (Pareto principle) states, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. We apply this principle in our ski coaching by focusing only on the essential notions.
Your progress is favored by the use of video coaching and iPad tablet.
We tailor our teaching to your custom level and your body type: coaching for adolescents / coaching for ladies / coaching for seniors , etc …

Heure & Date: 01-16-2021 & 01-16-2021
Lieu: val d’Hérens – Valais
Prix: CHF 99.00